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What do you need to make Wire Bound Calendars?

1) Wire Binder and Closer.

The basic wire binder with fixed pins is great for making A4 Landscape/A3 Portrait Calendars.
When making an A4 Calendar in portrait (binding on the shortside) using a fixed pin machine you may end up with half a hole.
There are 2 solutions:-
You trim the paper to size to avoid this or
You upgrade to a wire binder with selectable pins.

The selectable pins allow you to cancel the punch when you have half a hole - so you are able to bind any sized paper (up to A4) without getting half a hole.

For the more ambitious projects (100s - 1,000s of calendars) you should consider an Electric Punch as the manual punching can be strenuous.

2) Calendar Thumbcut Punch.

This is the tool to punch the semi circle in the top/centre of the paper to allow the pages to turn. The Cal Cutter is an excellent tool for this, allowing you to cut the semicircle in a whole calendar in one go. For more commercial applications then the Oslo is recommended as it will slice through up to 10mm of paper in one go.

3) Calendar Hangers.

Calendar hangers are the little hooks that sit in the centre of the calendar allowing you hang the calendar. 76mm are excellent length for most calendars. There are 100mm hangers too for bigger calendars.
The calendar hangers normally come in white.However we have a variety of colours available by special order, normally with next day delivery.

4) Binding Wires.

Binding Wires are the wires that hold the calendar pages together. For the majority of calendars a No 4 wire is suitable. If you are using thick paper or card for every page and adding a thick cover and back then you should be looking to get a No 5 or 6 wire.

5) Wire Cutters.

You will need wire cutters to cut out the centre of the binding wire to slot in the hanger.

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Our Help Doesn't Stop There! We are happy to give advice on the equipment or calendar design after you have purchased - to ensure you get the best results every time.


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Substantial Heavy Duty Wire Binder with Selectable Pins.
2 Year Warranty
15 page punching capacity.
Binds up to 130 pages (70gsm)
£120.00 ex VAT
£144.00 inc VAT
Market price: £220.80
save 35%

This is a heavy duty calendar kit ideal for Print Shops, Printers and Charities
The included PAVO Heavy Duty Wire Binder is designed to last and has fully selectable pins, an open ended punch and punches up to 15 sheets of 70 gsm paper. The binding capacity is 120-130 sheets. The wire binder also comes with a 12 month warranty.
The comprehensive package includes everything you need to get started to make professional calendars.
  • Thumbcut Punch
  • 240 No4 or No5 A4 3:1 White Wires
  • 200 White Calendar Hangers
  • 200 Clear Covers
  • 200 White 230gsm Covers
  • Wire Cutters.
  • £165.00 ex VAT
    £198.00 inc VAT

    This Kit is perfect for print shops and anyone looking for a machine that can handle a large quantity of calendars. The OPUS Wire Jumbo Wire Binder is a manual punching and binding machine with selectable pins. A very heavy duty and reliable binder that punches up to 25 sheets and binds up to 120 sheets.

    3:1 pitch

    Heavy duty

    Binds up to 120 pages

    Punch and Closer

    Selectable Pins

    Built in wire holder

    Punches up to 25 sheets of 70gsm.

    15 month Warranty

    The Package also includes:

    Binding House Thumbcut Punch - to punch the semi-circle at the top of the calendar

    A4 3:1 White Wires Wires  No4  - Pack of 200

    White Calendar Hangers - Pack of 200

    20 x Clear Front Covers & 20 x Blue, Red, Black or White Leathergrain Back covers

    Wire Cutters

    Calendar making Guide

    £289.95 ex VAT
    £347.94 inc VAT

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