Schools & Local Authorities

Schools & Local Authorities

Schools, Colleges, Universities and Local Authorities.

Automatic Credit Setup in Minutes - Plus 10 Off Your First Order!

Due to the increased use of the internet by Schools and Local Authorities in the U.K. we have designed a paperless purchasing system based around your latest requirements.

The whole order processing system is on a secure server.
We Offer:
  • Automatic Credit Facilities 
  • Secure Online Ordering  
  • Paperles Invoicing  
  • View All Past Orders
  • BACS, Credit card or cheque payment options  
  • Discounted Prices  
  • Further quantity discounts up to 5%  
  • Special Offers for Schools & Local Authorities  
  • 90% of goods are normally available for next day delivery  
  • Multi Drop orders can also be catered for
  • Wish List system - Helps with Budgeting
  • Wish List - Allows you to store items required during the year and order when funding allows
  • Reorder from past Orders - coming soon


Click on "signup here" below to create your account.

We will authorise your account application - usually within the hour.

You will receive an email confirming your account has been updated - you are then ready to order.

If you want to place an order straight away -  just give us a call and we will process your account straight away. We will also give you your discount code for the 10 off.



Recieve a 10 Discount on Your First Order Over 100 net - Please call 01626 818197 for details

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